Endymion Session #2
A Game of Inns

Party Present for Session:
- Shi-no-Tenshi “Ten” ; Aaron
- Txl*click*pal ; Ben
- Broll Windhallow ; Ryan

The party left Hillstomp after clearing the crypt and headed out for Ellesmaedra. On their way they stopped at a few towns. The first, Greenvale, was a tiny collection of houses and the party found three inns to their liking so they split up to stay at the inns of their preference. After their encounters that night the party reconvened the next morning to discuss their findings. They had met two lords named Remis Azarov and Caspian Gray, both Selkie males. Azarov greatly despised mages and sought to travel to Ellesmaedra to petition the new Czar, Anastasia Glacie, to increase her stance against them while Caspian Gray found mages quite alright and respected their right to pursue magic. The party left Greenvale with two other Selkie nobles who required an escort to New Haven up the road. These two newlyweds, Evon and Siri Charkov, proved the party with Foalicorn mounts to keep as payment.

The group protected the Charkovs from a swarm of hand bugs and arrived at New Haven, the city of temples. Here, the party stayed at yet more inns and had to leave town quickly in the morning when Broll angered some Selkie thugs. From there the party spent another day on the road and made it to Ellesmaedra. Once there they began their investigation about the mysterious dead Czar sightings. They spent many days frequenting the 16 or so inns in the city, discovering aspects of the political climate, making contacts and finding no information about an undead czar. Txl*click*pal poked around the university in town, Broll enlisted in the arena and Ten mostly investigated fruitlessly. Finally the group met the mysterious rakshasa with the rice patty hat from Hillstomp and he introduced himself as Ashta the Vigilant. He said that he was chasing a necromancer named Feng and that if the czar really had been brought back from the dead, this Feng was likely the source. The group decided to team up with Ashta to take down Feng.

Notable NPCs: (spelling is questionable)
- Setsu – Male Akara Monk – Traveling west to the Woods of Shadows to investigate the dark stuff over there.
- Remis Azarov – Male Selkie Lord – Strongly dislikes mages
- Caspian Gray – Male Selkie Lord – Defends mages and is the mayor of Greenvale
- Anastasia Glacie – Female Selkie – New Czar of Ellesmaedra
- Evon and Siri Charkov – Male/Female Selkie Lord/Lady – New husband and wife
- Moraz Barkov – Male Selkie – Thug in New Haven who hates Bolveres
- Ge-no-Tori – Female Kenku – Barkeep of the Songbird, abandoned the Kenku faith for a life of mercantilism
- Fantisitco – Male Janni – Runs the Arena Inn and manages the careers of the arena fighters
- The Spellfold – Terrorist group of mages who fight back against magical oppression
- Ashta the Vigilant – Male Rakshasa – Member of Jatra’s Hunters, hunting a necromancer named Feng

Notable Items and Information Collected:
- Traded the Kettle of Fish for a Kettle of Endless Water
- The politics of Ellesmaedra is heavily divided on the issue of mages and their freedoms
- The new czar, Anastasia is trying to solidify her power by establishing her own personal guards and promoting the worship of the Bunyip above all other gods.
- A new czar is chosen by the old czar before they die and is revealed at the reading of the will. Therefore, people find it very mysterious that the new czar Anastasia was chosen because it was widely known that she and the old czar Ivan hated each other.
- A terrorist group of mages known as the Spellfold seek to use force to push their pro-mage agenda in Endymion.
- Czar Anastasia wishes to create a new guild of mages which would both outlaw non-registered mages and severely limit the practices of guild mages.

Endymion Session #1
Oozy Wolves, Flying Fish and Hydrapedes

Party Present for Session:
- Shi-no-Tenshi ; Aaron
- Txl*click*pal ; Ben
- Broll Windhallow ; Ryan
- Hyale “Chow” ; Luc

Upon hearing some strange rumours that the recently dead Czar of Ellesmaedra, Ivan Hydrurga, has been seen walking about his old city, the party set out to investigate. On the way, they found themselves in the quaint town of Hillstomp, a small Grippli village. They stopped to rest at the local venue, the Beerbug, a pub shaped slightly like a bug if you squint hard enough. They were approached by the town Mayor, an eccentric Grippli named Twitchy and he explained that the town crypt had become quite dangerous of late and he needed some brave souls to exterminate the creatures within. The party agreed and ventured forth into the old crypt that had been built many years ago by the Kenku for the Grippli town. Inside, they fought through swarms of flying fish with pointy teeth, giant snails with flails for eyes and wolves made out of green ooze. The group discovered that a crazy cultist had taken the crypt as her home and had been summoning these foul creatures in the name of Chaos. The final confrontation pitted the party against the cultist and her greatest summon, a dangerous hydrapede, a hydra of centipedes. The cultist and her abomination were defeated and the crypt was cleansed. Old mayor Twitchy paid the group in beer and food when they returned that evening and they set off the next morning for Ellesmaedra.

Notable NPCs Met: (spelling is questionable)
- Penelope Harp – Female Selkie Bard – seemed nice enough
- Litchizka – Male Aranea – Innkeeper of the Beerbug, more concerned with coin than kindness
- Mysterious Rakshasa – Male Raksaha – Mysterious fellow wearing a rice patty hat

Notable Items and Information Collected:
- Kettle of Fish – magical kettle that produces flying bite fish


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