Endymion Session #1

Oozy Wolves, Flying Fish and Hydrapedes

Party Present for Session:
- Shi-no-Tenshi ; Aaron
- Txl*click*pal ; Ben
- Broll Windhallow ; Ryan
- Hyale “Chow” ; Luc

Upon hearing some strange rumours that the recently dead Czar of Ellesmaedra, Ivan Hydrurga, has been seen walking about his old city, the party set out to investigate. On the way, they found themselves in the quaint town of Hillstomp, a small Grippli village. They stopped to rest at the local venue, the Beerbug, a pub shaped slightly like a bug if you squint hard enough. They were approached by the town Mayor, an eccentric Grippli named Twitchy and he explained that the town crypt had become quite dangerous of late and he needed some brave souls to exterminate the creatures within. The party agreed and ventured forth into the old crypt that had been built many years ago by the Kenku for the Grippli town. Inside, they fought through swarms of flying fish with pointy teeth, giant snails with flails for eyes and wolves made out of green ooze. The group discovered that a crazy cultist had taken the crypt as her home and had been summoning these foul creatures in the name of Chaos. The final confrontation pitted the party against the cultist and her greatest summon, a dangerous hydrapede, a hydra of centipedes. The cultist and her abomination were defeated and the crypt was cleansed. Old mayor Twitchy paid the group in beer and food when they returned that evening and they set off the next morning for Ellesmaedra.

Notable NPCs Met: (spelling is questionable)
- Penelope Harp – Female Selkie Bard – seemed nice enough
- Litchizka – Male Aranea – Innkeeper of the Beerbug, more concerned with coin than kindness
- Mysterious Rakshasa – Male Raksaha – Mysterious fellow wearing a rice patty hat

Notable Items and Information Collected:
- Kettle of Fish – magical kettle that produces flying bite fish


Doog Doog

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